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Welcome to Results Weight Loss On Line. A new and exciting, and easy way to lose weight.


Carmel Wilkinson builds on 30 years experience in this industry.  She has helped thousands of people get their weight off, and learn to keep it off.


No one lasts in this industry for this long without proven AND great results.

Join Now!

This weight loss program will deliver results that everyone wants.

You will be amazed how easy it is to lose weight AND eat great food. If you’re looking for results that’s not going to break the budget and get you back to your old self quickly, this is the program for you!

If you want a program that uses a common sense approach to weight loss, without pills, shakes & hundreds of dollars in Personal Trainers, then you’ve arrived at the right place! This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Carmel Wilkinson

Fast Weight Loss!

Join our easy 6 week program, and start getting results quickly. You will get a bounce in your step within the first couple of weeks! You Will get your energy back! You will be dropping kilos  in just 6 weeks, and wonder why you thought it was so hard. This program is not complicated and the food is delicious!

Proven Results

Results Weight Loss has had a long track record in this industry.  Over 30 years of proven success, and amazing transformations. The experience in this industry has helped clients to lose weight and learn lifestyle skills that they can follow for years.

Healthy and Nutritious Foods

This detailed menu, including recipes will help you every step of the way. They are healthy, tasty, easy! They will transform you! You will lose weight whilst eating fantastic foods. You will appreciate how easy it is to keep it off too.




She lost 37.8kgs & 107cm in 15 months

“All I can say OMG is that me. You will be happy to know that I bought a pair of size 12 pants from target out of the Danni mingoue petities range AND the fit perfectly. I had doubts that they would. LOL You have changed my life forever 🙂

Thanks Carmen. Xx”


Lost 20kgs in 12 weeks

Helen’s son was fantastic in setting up an exercise program for her, which made her feel great. But when she started eating what Carmel recommended, she found the weight dropped off and she then become even fitter.

“It’s what you chew, not what you do” was proven again!


She lost 22.5kgs in 4 months.

“I was not happy when I went to buy a dress for a wedding. I felt terrible trying on clothes. Everything I tried on looked terrible on me, because of my weight. I heard about Results Weight Loss so I made the call and went to meet Carmel. We connected straight away, because Carmel understood 100% about what I had to do. I lost 22.5kgs & 54cm in just 16 weeks.

I felt like a princess when I put that dress on! My husband, who supported me all the way was over the moon with pride.

Thank your Results Weight Loss, I couldn’t have do this without you.”


Lost 36.2kgs in 11months

“I walked into Carmel’s office not feeling fantastic. I was borderline diabetic, and had blood pressure that worried me. I didn’t think I would do well, I was quite apprehensive to start, but once I started, the weight started falling off me.

One week at a time, I watched the old me peel away like an onion, transforming me. I’m happy to say that I have never felt better. I wish I had done this years ago.

How can I thank Results Weight Loss enough, I’m a new person!”


Lost 22.4kgs & 57.5cm in 5 months

“I had tried everything, and failed every time. Then I followed Carmel’s plan, and the weight started to shred away. Carmel’s program was easy, it’s a lifestyle change and something that my whole family can eat. With Carmel’s help & encouragement, I started to realise how easy it was. She say’s it’s not complicated, and it isn’t. I just had to follow it, and it worked.  I just wish I had found her earlier.

She says “nothing tastes as good as thin feels”  she’s so right! She says “it’s not what you do, it’s what you chew”  she’s so right!”


Lost 36.5kgs & 89.5cm in 3 ½ months!!!

“Thank you Carmel for helping me find doors that I didn’t believe existed.  Behind these doors were knowledge on how to live my life healthy, fit and stress free. I had no idea how to deal with my weight problem all of my life. I watched others lose weight and get fit and wondered “how they could do that”  I never knew that it would be possible, but I was wrong. I could never go back to feeling bloated and tired. I felt that people were staring at me all the time.

Thank you for helping me change into the person that I am enjoying being now. Your way is simple, structured and YES it works! You have helped me restructure my life, and help my family stay healthy too.

I couldn’t recommend you highly enough.”

Plans and Pricing

Offering easy to follow, personalised nutritional plans, Carmel’s programs are easy to follow as she shares all the details of her delicious, quick to prepare meals, laid out for you each and every week.


Set your goals, record your progress and most importantly know that Carmel is there to provide input, guidance and support every step of the way.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Rob, walked every morning for miles, but couldn’t drop the weight. He finally took Carmel’s advice and now looks and feels so much better. “it’s not what you do, it’s what you chew”

Rob Westwood

Lost 25kg!

“I had a wake up call for a potential heart attack or stroke.  Carmel saved me from eating myself to death. Results Weight Loss provided me with a healthy eating plan with lots of variety. Thank you Carmel, I am now approaching my third summer being at a healthy weight.  I love Shopping!! Oh, my GP is happy too”

Denise Caruana

Denise lost 35kgs

Paolo, aged 40 years old, managed to lose just under 40kgs in over 18 months.  He had a major health scare, then joined Results Weight Loss. He now looks and feels so much better. He has done this for his health and for his family also. He now runs 5-13km a few times a week and rides hundreds of kms weekly.

Paolo Afferi

Lost just under 40 kgs in 18 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Results Weight Loss Online?

It works because, for too long people have been fooled to think they need to take pills, shakes or spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Personal Trainers. But they are still overweight. Results weight loss deals with healthy eating that makes your weight come off. Carmel has had over 30 years in this industry, who lasts this long without being great at it.  That’s why we are now going on line so that we can help people from all over the world. You don’t come to us, You do this in the pleasure of your own home, in your own time. You don’t need to make appointments.  You just follow this step by step plan.   Some people have been fooled into thinking that Gastric Banding is the key. Well again, Results Weight Loss proved that if you still eat the wrong food, even surgery won’t help. But eating these easy to make foods will! Start eating right, start feeling right, start being a great “Role Model” for your children. Do it for yourself and them. It’s easy when you follow the plan.

I've tried to lose weight before but had no luck, are you sure you can help?

Most people have tried many things to help them lose weight. But they look in area’s like their Pharmacy. Looking for pills, shakes, and other hocus pocus potions. Detox products, and liver cleansing products.  The truth is, you don’t need to buy products. You need to eat clean.  This program is all about clean eating. It’s about normal products in your supermarket, or fruit markets, butchers, fish mongers etc. Real food that you can buy anytime you like. Real healthy, everyday foods that you know will be good for you. You will be feeling better quickly when you put the right nutrients into your body. The difference will be obvious to you in 2-3 weeks. You won’t be waiting long to feel the difference.   Results Weight Loss has been in the business of helping people lose weight for over 30 years. You don’t stay in this industry without proven results and happy clients. Of course you should try this program, it’s very easy to follow, and you’ll enjoy what you eat everyday. Why wouldn’t you try this program when it’s so affordable, with foods your family can eat too. When you choose your hard….being overweight or sticking to an easy menu plan, you realise that it’s not hard.  You just need to choose your hard!!

How long is the program?

This depends on how much you have to lose You will be amazed at how much you can lose and you’ll be amazed how quickly you will lose it, especially as it’s so easy to follow Every person is different, and it’s not easy to say that ….kgs will come off in 6 weeks, as this depends on whether you’re 100kg or 70kgs.

What's Included

An easy weekly plan, but before you start we will include your shopping list a couple of days before commencement, this is going to help you get the right foods in your homes. Of course you must have the right mindset, and willing to put your every effort into it, so that your great results are there for you! So many people have been disappointed with other programs, but this is much easier, as we have put together a menu plan, that even a non-cook can cook! The steps to cooking are as simple as 1, 2, 3! – read, follow and enjoy some tasty foods, that don’t take much time to prepare and are delicious. You will have Results Weight Loss (Carmel) supervise your every progress and get emails of congratulations weekly, and some tips and advice too.

Will I be able to keep it off?

Absolutely, because you won’t want to feel bloated and uncomfortable again, but my tip is to get to your target weight, perhaps 1-2 kilos below it so that you can then enjoy your weekends to yourself. But don’t put the cart before the horse, you should stick to our easy plan first, reach your target, then you can think about the maintenance side of life……a great place to be at!! Holidays are always a little more tricky, but getting back into the plan whenever you like will quickly take off those kilos that you stack on when you’re on holidays and the routine is out of place.

What sorts of foods will I be eating?

Foods from the 5 basic food groups, but in the right way, upside down pyramids has been shown to be the most effective way to lose weight. All foods in moderation, but we have calculated exactly how much you will need at every meal and every day has the perfect amount of foods and nutrients. So easy, just follow the plan. The foods you will be eating will be normal foods you can find easily at your local supermarket, market or any shopping centre. Nothing you haven’t already eaten, nothing too difficult to make, and nothing  complicated. We are all so busy, that some of us come home from work and we are so overwhelmed that we don’t know what to eat.  This menu will take the strain away from you, no more thinking about what to eat. You will receive your weekly plan and you won’t need hours to make this happen. The plan is designed for busy working women AND men who want a simple, easy, tasty plan.

What’s the secret to the program?

6 weekly menu’s – that you will love. You’ll be able to tell Carmel what your weight is, and Carmel will be able to help you with weekly contact to encourage you along the way. You’ll have a shopping list that will make your life so uncomplicated. You’ll have an opportunity to extend your program if 6 weeks isn’t enough, and you have that little extra to lose. The best part is, you won’t be feeling like you are now, you’ll feel great in no time.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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